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Facial Ice Cube

Facial Ice Cube

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Give your face a DIY frozen treatment with your Facial Ice Cube.

Discover the Facial Ice Cube, your tailor-made beauty secret! Awaken the natural radiance of your skin in an instant thanks to this jewel of freshness. Customize your skincare routine by adding your favorite ingredients: lemon water for a glowing complexion, cucumber to reduce puffiness, green tea to soothe acne, aloe vera or rose water for divine hydration.
Or boost the effectiveness of your favorite serums for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Simple, practical, and effective! Take care of your skin with the Facial Ice Cube, your fresh and invigorating beauty ally!

  • Qualité garantie
  • Cliniquement testé
  • Fabriqué au Maroc
200 ml (stock limité)
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